IntReALL 2020 – Partners

Arend von Stackelberg



The department of pediatric oncology and hematology of the Charite focusses on the treatment of childhood cancers, covering basic and translational research.

The von Stackelberg group has a strong research focus on the treatment of childhood ALL. He is actively involved in clinical research and has contributed to the development of ALL treatment protocols, for example, as coordinator of the ALL-REZ-BFM trial and its follow-up study IntReALL 2010.

Pierre Rohrlich

Professor, MD

CHU Nice

The hematology department of CHU Nice specializes in the management of blood and lymph node disorders, including cancers. It develops recourse activities such as allogenic and autologous hemapoietic stem cell transplantation, intensive chemotherapy, and clinical research, allowing for access to innovative treatments.


Franco Locatelli

Professor, MD


Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesu - OPBG is a leading pediatric research hospital in Italy. The oncohematology and pharmaceutical laboratory department of OPBG focusses on the development and optimization of new diagnostic approaches for pediatric cancer patients. Franco Locatelli researches innovative therapies, including stem cell transplantation and immunotherapies, to pave way for more effective and personalized treatments for young patients.

Peter Hoogerbrugge

Professor, MD

Prinses Maxima Center

The Prinses Maxima Center is a leading institution in the field of pediatric oncology. Peter Hoogerbrugge actively participates in research and clinical practice of ALL, aiming to improve quality of life in young cancer patients. He is known for his background in clinical genetics and is chairman of the international "resistant and relapsed ALL" committee of the IBFM group.


Lucie Šrámková


UH Motol

The UH Motol is the largest medical facility in the Czech Republic with a dedicated focus on pedriatic oncology. Lucie Šrámková is head of the pedriatic hematology and oncology department.

Martin Zimmermann



The MHH is a prominent medical university with expertise in a number of medical areas including pediatric oncology.. Furthermore, it hosts the office of the central data management of the German Society of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology (GPOH). Martin Zimmermann is active as member of the expert committee of the GPOH and involved in the data management programme.

Sophia Polychronopoulou



AGIA SOFIA is a prominent medical institution in Greece with a specialization in pediatric oncology. As head of the pediatric oncology hematology department, Sophia Polychronopoulou is researching lymphoma and leukemia and was involved in the coordination of many ALL trials including the ALL IC-BFM RELAPSE 2016 study.

Jochen Büchner



OUS is one of the largest hospitals in Europe and collaborates with the University of Oslo to contribute to advancements in medical knowledge and patient care. Jochen Büchner works as senior consultant in the pediatric medicine department, working on cellular and immunotherapies such as CAR-T cell therapy. He also has been involved in the IntReALL 2010 trial.

Anca Colita

Professor, MD


ICF is a major medical institution in Romania, providing specialized medical care, research, and education. Anca Colita is head of the pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplantation unit as well as president of the Romanian Society of Pediatric Onco-Hematology. Furthermore, she has been involved in the ALL SCTped 2012 forum and ALL IC-REL 2016 study.

Samppa Ryhänen



HUS is the largest provider of specialized healthcare in Finland. Samppa Rzhänen works as chief physician in the department of pediatrics.

Daniel Erdélyi



MGYGYT is a Hungarian Pediatric Oncology Network which is highly involved in the treatment of pediatric cancer. Daniel Erdélyi works as a pediatric hematologist and has previously been involved in the IBFM Initiative on CSF ALL Biomarkers and in the ALL IC REL protocols and registry.

Barbara de Moerloose

Assoc. Prof., MD


The pediatric hematology and oncology department of UGENT aims to optimize diagnostics, care, treatment, and outcome of children with cancer or hematological disorders. Barbara de Moerloose is currently head of clinic. Her researches focusses on clinical studies in the field of pediatric oncology and on the development of treatment protocols for childhood ALL, for example, with the IntReALL 2010 or the ITCC-021 study.

Bodil Als-Nielsen



The Rigshospitalet is the most highly specialized hospital in Denmark. Bodil Als-Nielsen works as a consultant in the department of pedatrics and adolescent medicine. He has been involved in the previous IntReALL 2010 trial and is member of the NOPHO ALL relapse group.

Joaquin Duarte



IPOLFG is a well-known cancer treatment and research centre in Lisbon. Joaquin Duarte works as a specialist in pediatric oncology with a particular interest in studying ALL. He has been on the IPOLFG team which for the first time administered CAR-T cell based immunotherapy in children in Portugal.

petter svenberg



The pediatric oncology department at the Karolinska Instutet is a constellation of interdisciplinary research groups which conduct laboratory, clincal, survivorship, and healthcare research to improve quality of life. Petter Svenberg works as Senior consultant and has published several papers on relapsed ALL.

Ronit Elhasid



TASMC is the largest acute care facility in Israel with a well-deserved reputation as a national referral center across a range of medical disciplines. Ronit Elhasid is head of the pediatric oncohematology department and has previously also been part of the ALL SCT ped FORUM 2012 trial.

Thomas Grieskamp



GPOH is a well-established German association and clinical trial group specializing in pediatric oncology and hematology. It is involved in the wide range of tasks including research on diagnosis and treatment outcomes of cancer patients, education and training of healthcare professionals. Thomas Grieskamp is the CEO of GPOH ZDM gGmbH, the central data management facility of GPOH, and has long-standing experience in research and data management.

Janez Jazbec



UKCL pursues a triple mission of healthcare, education, and research, and is the only hospital in Slovenia which provides specialized healthcare for some diseases. Janez Jazbec is head of the Pediatrics division. He has been active in previous ALL clinical studies including ALL-IC REL 2016 and as Slovenian national coordinator in the ELEGANT study.

Andishe Attarbaschi



CCRI strives to improve treatment for children with cancer by combining translational and clinical research with open-minded exploration of the disease mechanisms. Andishe Attarbaschi is active as a physician and researcher with a focus on improving diagnostics and therapy for children with ALL and lymphoma. He is member of several oncologic societies including the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) and has been member of the of the SIOP Europe board since 2016.

José Luis Fuster Soler


FFIS , SMS affiliated

FFIS promotes healthcare related education and research initiatives. The SMS is a public entity responsible for healthcare in the region of Murcia.

José Luis Fuster Soler is the principal investigator of the Pediatric Branch of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cell Therapy group of Murcian Institute of Biosanitary Research. He works on the optimization of treatment protocol and is part of the Spanish "SEHOP/PETHEMA 2015 guidelines and registry" and "Spanish network for ALL relapse in children" which gives clinical recommendations to phyiscians treating children with relapsed ALL.

Helene Cave



APHP is a major public hospital system in Paris which encompasses numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities in the city. Helene Cave is head of the molecular genetics unit. Previously, she was involved in the coordination of the EORTC trial and as a member of the ClinGen RASopathies expert panel.

Monika Mielcarek-Siedziuk



WMU is a renowned research institution which covers many areas of healthcare. The institution has contributed to the education, research and clinical practice in the field of oncology and hematology. Monika Mielcarek-Siedziuk works in the department of pediatric bone marrow transplantation, oncology and hematology. She has been involved in many clinical studies regarding ALL including the ALL SCT ped FORUM 2012 trial.

Patricia Blanc



IFM is an European childhood cancer advocacy organization dedicated to advancing research and improving the quality of life of children with cancer. The foundation is active in the collaboration with research institutions and healthcare professionals, patient support and fundraising, thus providing a critical link to patients and families. Patricia Blanc is the founder of IFM and a member of the parents network "Childhood Cancer International Europe".

Jean-Pierre Bourquin

Professor, PhD, MD


The UZH hospital is one of the most prominent medical centres in Switzerland. Jean-Pierre Bourquin is physician in chief of the department of Oncology, Hematology, Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunology. He is one of the pioneers of functional precision hematology and his research has translated into a new "Drug Response Profiling" technology which is used in hematology and serves as a platform for future trials. Furthermore, he is active in many clinical trials and working groups in this field.

Petra Zalud

PhD, CEO tp21 GmbH


tp21 GmbH is specialized in the management of European interdisciplinary RTD projects, primarily in the fields of medicine and medical technology. tp21 supports companies and academic networks in project design, progress management, administration, reporting, finance management, public relations and technology transfer.